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How to Prove Undue Influence in a Will Contest

A will is an important legal tool that allows people to plan how their assets will be distributed when they die. One of the primary benefits is that having a will largely prevents a judge from deciding where your assets will go for you and avoids a clunky legal process known as probate. Florida estate planning law is designed in a way to best carry out the wishes of the person who signed the will. In some cases, however, a person may be wrongly pressured or influenced in deciding where his or her assets will go. That may be because […]

How to Contest a Trust

Dec 28, 2018 - Trusts by

A trust is legal tool commonly used to determine how a person’s assets will be distributed when he or she dies. Unlike a will, a trust transfers the person’s assets before death. That means the assets can be distributed after death without first going through the often cumbersome probate process. Like a will, there are a number of grounds on which a person can contest the validity of trust. That usually means filing a lawsuit against the trustee who administered the estate, those who obtained assets from the trust and anyone involved in the creation of the trust. If you’re […]

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