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Miami Estate Planning Attorney

For lifetime planning we design holistic estate plans that provide for death, divorce or disability.  We offer a variety of probate and trust services to our clients, many of which begin with estate planning. We use both simple wills for simple estates, and complex trusts for sophisticated estates.  We also plan for divorce for you or your children, using prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements.  One of our best tools in planning for disability [which everyone should do] is using a simple revocable trust with a pour-over will, along with the general durable power of attorney, living will, appointment of pre-need guardian forms, and health care surrogate documents.  We take the time to help you properly fund the trust during your lifetime to avoid both court-administrations for a guardianship during lifetime or a probate administration upon your death.  These simple methods can be used as out-of-court alternative resolutions to avoid a potentially costly legal guardianship during your lifetime for disability, or a potentially costly probate administration of your will upon your death. A Miami estate planning attorney at our firm can assist and guide you through the process. 

When it’s too late to do planning due to lack of testamentary capacity, we can help you navigate the legal guardianship appointment and administration for your loved one.  With post-death planning, we represent beneficiaries who have an expectancy of an inheritance and fiduciaries who are appointed to administer a will or trust.  We confidently guide our clients through the probate administration of wills governed by the probate court, and with out-of-court trust administrations, and settlements, governed by the trust code.   

Sometimes you’d rather be right than nice.  When a death in the family causes serious in-family fighting, it can be a great comfort to know that you have a legal recourse and proper legal representation.  Very often that alone may be enough to defuse the litigation before it begins.  When the matter can only be resolved through a court intervention, and suit must be filed, Hoffman & Hoffman provides competent trust and estate litigation attorneys who are prepared to handle the contest of the will or trust through trial.  When litigation must be engaged, we would be privileged to represent you.

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