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Category: Guardianship

Florida Guardian Watchdog Under Fire

A Florida government agency meant to oversee various guardian programs hasn’t proved to have much teeth in first three years on the job, according to a recent report. The Florida legislature created the Office of Public and Professional Guardians in 2016 to police guardianship programs. The office has opened 132 investigations sent out 19 warning letters to program operators since that time, according to an ABC Action News investigation. But it hasn’t moved to ban or suspend any guardians, despite some troubling findings. A guardian is a person appointed to serve as representative of another person (often called a “ward”) […]

What Does a Guardian Do?

Estate planning is an important process for anyone who wants to be able to control where his or her assets will go when the person eventually passes away. Sometimes, however, some people may need some assistance handling their affairs before they die. Guardianship is a legal tool in which a person is appointed to serve as representative of another person who lacks the capacity to act on his or her own behalf, whether it’s because of conditions like Alzheimer’s and dementia or for a minor child who is considered to lack that capacity under the law. Types of Guardians There […]