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The law offices of Hoffman & Hoffman is headquartered in downtown Miami directly across the street from the Miami-Dade county courthouse.  Although headquartered in Miami, Hoffman & Hoffman has locations throughout the state of Florida, including Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Orlando, Naples and the Florida Keys.  For over 24 years, Hoffman & Hoffman has offered qualified trial attorneys, and an exceptional legal staff, experienced in a broad range of matters involving all aspects of civil trial, insurance law, inheritance law, estates, businesses, probate, trusts, litigation, divorce, family law, aviation, employment and labor disputes.  Contact an experienced Miami lawyer at our firm today to discuss your rights and legal options. 

At the law offices of Hoffman & Hoffman, we don’t want to be your lawyers just once–we want to be your lawyers for life.    We are proud to be able to represent you in your personal matters, in your business matters, and in your court battles.

No whether the weather, we'll brave it together.

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As trial attorneys, we win the battle in the preparation, crafting detailed pleadings,  fine- tuning the facts with thorough discovery practices, and hiring and utilizing experienced and qualified experts in order to favorably present the evidence clearly and precisely to the judge and the jury. 

Sometimes you’d rather be right than nice, and when you do, it would be our privilege to represent you.