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It's our privilege to represent you...

It's the profession we have chosen.


It's our privilege to represent you...

It's the profession we have chosen.

Thank you for the privilege of allowing us to represent you.

The law offices of Hoffman & Hoffman is headquartered in downtown Miami directly across the street from the new Miami-Dade county courthouse, the government center and the brightline.  Although headquartered in Miami, Hoffman & Hoffman has locations throughout the state of Florida, including Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Orlando, Naples and the Florida Keys.  For over 30 years, Hoffman & Hoffman has offered qualified trial attorneys, and an exceptional legal staff, experienced in a broad range of matters including all aspects of civil litigation through trial, property and insurance law, inheritance law, estates, probate administration, wills and trusts, probate and trust litigation, divorce, family law, pre and post nuptial agreements and more.  Contact an experienced Miami lawyer at our firm today to discuss your rights and legal options. 

At the law offices of Hoffman & Hoffman, we don’t want to be your lawyers just once–we want to be your lawyers for life.    We are proud to be able to represent you in your personal matters, in your business matters, and in your court battles.

Clients Are Like Family

I initially contacted Hoffman and Hoffman as the designated personal representative of my recently deceased father’s estate. Shortly into my initial consultation with Teresa Hoffman and her team, I knew they were the perfect fit for my needs. They successfully handled a complicated estate mired in litigation with extreme competence and a caring, personal touch. Their fees were extremely reasonable given the complexity involved.

When the need arose for a divorce attorney, there was no doubt on who to retain. Again Teresa and her very capable associates steered me through an extremely emotional and contentious ordeal. They were strategic and tough when called for yet sensitive and compassionate to all parties when needed. They maintained their professional integrity throughout, always maintaining the high road while battling and ultimately besting, an excessively aggressive and ethically challenged opposing council.

Don B.

Teresa Hoffman was patient and kind yet clear with her advice. She made me feel comfortable with sensitive yet serious issues. Her knowledge reassured me. She was able to advise me professionally and firmly yet unbiased. I can now enjoy the security of having my family legal matters professionally handled. If it wasn’t for Teressa Hoffman I would have never followed through.


Mrs. Hoffman is very helpful in assisting throughout my divorce she always kept me informed and quick to respond to any questions. She also was very helpful with my financial situation.


FYI I’ve had some very bad experiences with lawyers over the years. Teresa Abood-Hoffman is a notable exception to that history.


No whether the weather, we'll brave it together.

Why Choose Our Firm?


As trial attorneys, we win the battle in the preparation, crafting detailed pleadings,  fine- tuning the facts with thorough discovery practices, and hiring and utilizing experienced and qualified experts in order to favorably present the evidence clearly and precisely to the judge and the jury. 

Sometimes you’d rather be right than nice, and when you do, it would be our privilege to represent you.   



The lawyers at Hoffman & Hoffman will not keep you waiting. Our attorneys promptly respond to emails around the clock and offer same-day telephone or in-office consultations.


We understand that our clients may be dealing with emotional and traumatic events. Our clients trust us to take care of the legal end so they can focus on what matters most, their family.


Our attorneys are experienced and educated. We pride ourselves on being thoroughly prepared throughout your case. With Hoffman & Hoffman representing you, you can feel confident that your legal team understands your need to get the best results, at the lowest cost.


Hoffman & Hoffman has decades of professionally serving Florida and its residents. Independently-owned and operated, Hoffman & Hoffman prides itself on its high-end services for all of its clients.


Hoffman & Hoffman appreciates that legal expenses are a serious concern. The lawyers at Hoffman & Hoffman are extremely cost-conscious throughout the legal proceeding and will handle your case as efficiently as possible. Our goal is to keep you fully informed about all costs associated with your case. At any stage of the legal process any client can request an up-to-date invoice reflecting the cost of the litigation.