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Category: Probate

How the New Tax Law Impacts Estate Planning

Jan 31, 2019 - Probate by

A new law makes sweeping changes to how federal authorities calculate tax bills. The tweaks will likely impact how much you owe Uncle Sam, whether you’re a big business, solo entrepreneur or single family. Anyone who wants to have some control over how their property and assets are distributed upon death may also want to consider tax law updates that could have estate planning implications. It’s vital to consult an experienced estate planning attorney to determine whether you need to update a current will or trust or draft a new estate planning roadmap. Estate Tax Exemption Expanded The biggest change […]

Understanding the Probate Process: How Does it Work?

Nov 16, 2018 - Probate by

When most people die in Florida, their assets are distributed through a legal process called probate administration. The goal of this process is to settle the estate according to the deceased person’s wishes, a task made much easier in cases where there is a will. Probate is designed as a way to gather all the deceased person’s assets, identify and pay any legitimate creditors and distribute the remaining property. At the center of the process is the personal representative, an individual or entity designated to act on behalf of the deceased person. The personal representative’s role is to administer the […]