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Category: Estate Planning

Estate Planning: It Goes Far Beyond Simply Creating a Will

Far too many people have no estate plan in place at all, and many of those who have made plans for their future have made only a simple last will and testament and not gone any further in the estate planning process. While making a will is a good first step and it is better than not having any plans in place to control your legacy at all, it is not sufficient for most people to just create a will. A Miami trust administration lawyer can help you to understand many other important estate planning tools that you may wish […]

Top Reasons to Avoid Probate

Avoiding probate is one of the key reasons why many people talk with a Miami estate planning attorney.  Probate proceedings are the usual method of transferring assets after a death. The proceedings can be time consuming, expensive, and difficult for heirs or beneficiaries to cope with. Probate can be avoided using a variety of tools including trusts that facilitate the passage of assets through the trust administration process; pay-on-death accounts that allow assets to be transferred to a designated beneficiary; and joint ownership with rights of survivorship as a method of owning property that allows the property to immediately transfer […]