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Author: Hoffman & Hoffman

How to Contest a Trust

Dec 28, 2018 - Trusts by

A trust is legal tool commonly used to determine how a person’s assets will be distributed when he or she dies. Unlike a will, a trust transfers the person’s assets before death. That means the assets can be distributed after death without first going through the often cumbersome probate process. Like a will, there are a number of grounds on which a person can contest the validity of trust. That usually means filing a lawsuit against the trustee who administered the estate, those who obtained assets from the trust and anyone involved in the creation of the trust. If you’re […]

What Does a Trustee Do?

Trusts are an important legal tool that anyone considering how they will distribute their assets when they die should keep in mind when planning an estate. A trust agreement offers certain advantages over a will, including most notably the chance to avoid what can be a complicated probate process. It also comes with certain upfront costs and legal requirements that are important to keep in mind. Anyone planning how to distribute their assets in Florida is well advised to seek the assistance of an experienced Miami estate planning attorney. It is vital that you understand the basics of how a […]