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Miami Estate Planning Attorney

Implementing an estate plan today can eliminate many family disputes in the future simply by taking the time to accurately and effectively spell out your intent through legally binding documents. The most important of which is your last will and testament and a revocable trust. It is simply amazing that the majority of people just don’t do it. They don’t want to think about death or disability and often just avoid the subject until it is too late. The simplest estate plan should consist of a Will, Revocable Trust, Durable Power of Attorney, Medical Authorizations and a Living Will. For a living revocable trust to be properly funded you may also need transfer documents to assign title to the trustee. A simple plan such as this can legally resolve so many issues and should be the foundation of every adult regardless of age or health.

A person must have testamentary capacity to execute these documents so it is important to execute these documents early and properly. If the documents are not executed properly they can be challenged as legally insufficient. Once you complete this basic plan, you can consider other estate planning tools and techniques which may benefit you and your family but at a minimum get started with the basics.

An experienced Miami estate planning attorney at Hoffman & Hoffman, P.A. can help you implement this basic estate plan as well as discuss your overall circumstances and estate tax consequences once we know more about you. We take the time to listen to you to help you accomplish all of your goals, both short-term, and long-term.

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