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First Party Property Litigation

Hoffman & Hoffman has represented insurance companies, private companies and individuals in first-party litigation matters, including loss or damage to property. Hoffman & Hoffman defended the interests of Insurance Corporations regarding claims made by its insureds or group members claiming benefits under policies issued by the Insurance Company. Typically these cases were initially filed in state court. The Insurance company required all litigation to be handled in federal court. As such, Hoffman & Hoffman was required to remove all these lawsuits to federal court and litigate them to conclusion.

Hoffman & Hoffman has defended Lloyd’s of London in first-party litigation pertaining to claims of improper underwriting or policy coverage as well as in proceeding supplementary matters. Hoffman & Hoffman has represented Citizens Property Insurance Corp. and its predecessor Florida Residential Property and Casualty Joint Underwriting Association in litigation involving their respective insureds.

Hoffman & Hoffman has had to initiate litigation on behalf of corporate clients against their respective insurance companies pertaining to coverage disputes over property damage. Hoffman & Hoffman has defended CIGNA Aerospace in first-party litigation. Hoffman & Hoffman has had to pursue claims against certain insurance companies on behalf of individuals when insurance companies have denied coverage for property loss and damage.