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As condominium dispute litigation attorneys, The Law Offices of Hoffman & Hoffman, P.A., has successfully represented numerous condominium owners in regard to their property damage claims caused by water intrusion form adjacent condominium unit owners, and/or the common elements of the condominium that they live in.

Your home is one of your most important investments, and you must act quickly and appropriately to protect it. Water intrusion, especially here in South Florida , where the environment is conducive to mold growth can end up costing individual home owners tens of thousands of dollars in damage.  Too often condominium owners try and resort to self help techniques when dealing with property damage disputes with.  These individuals often find themselves spending countless hours of their time to no avail.  Empty promises, unnecessary delay, and non-acceptance of responsibility are all issues that our clients have experienced; these experiences have resulted in a sense of helplessness and frustration among our clients prior to retaining the services of our firm.

Fortunately, under Florida law the condominium association has a non delegable duty to maintain the common elements of the condominium property, and the condominium owners have a duty pursuant to the condominium documents to maintain and repair their individual units, and to pay for the damage done to other condominium units as a result of their failure to do so.   While this is the case, determining who is ultimately responsible for the water damage caused to your condominium unit (adjoining condominium unit owners and/or the condominium association) is not an easy task for the individual home owner.   That is why the attorneys at the Law Offices of Hoffman & Hoffman, P.A., as seasoned condominium dispute litigation attorneys, work closely with water leak detection and mold remediation professionals, as needed, to represent your interests. 

Unfortunately, it is not until the condominium association and/or that the condominium unit owners responsible for your loss are faced with litigation that they take the appropriate steps to repair the leak and pay you for your damages. Remember, until the leak is fixed you can't make the needed repairs to your own condominium unit.   Don't try and take on the condominium association and/or individual condominium unit owners alone. Call the Law Offices of Hoffman & Hoffman, P.A., today for your free consultation.  In some instances your attorney's fees may be payable by the condominium association and/or the negligent condominium owner(s).

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